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Fresno Herbals is a US based Herbal Products distributor company and it is an authorized distributor for Planet Ayurveda in USA.

About the brand Planet Ayurveda

The company Planet Ayurveda followed in preparing their herbal products strictly according to ancient Ayurveda. All supplements are made from natural herbs using recipes proven over time. We provide nutritional supplements with an exceptional impact on global health. To a wide range of natural products brand Planet Ayurveda include herbal teas and preparations which are recommended for the treatment of a wide range of diseases. All natural preparations are prepared according to standardized natural recipes. Each product is made from pure herbal extracts and each has severely tested the purity and consistency. The market is full of various nutritional supplements and natural medicines for various health problems. We at Planet Ayurveda place a huge emphasis in order to create the most effective natural products and in particular that their use is brought tangible results. Click here to know more about Planet Ayurveda.

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